Road trip through Africa: Tunis to Cape Town

Our African road trip started in 2009 and we are still on tour


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How our road trip started

In 2009 we started a road trip through Africa. We planned to cross Africa in 4 months to Cape Town. As often in life, it happened completely different as expected. This blog covers the whole road trip, the planning, our start, how we lost our group, how we managed to continue alone and how or road trip got endangered by lack of money, financial breakdown, and how we slowly recovered.


Kindle Book: Into Africa: 3 kids, 13 crates and a husband


The Route through Africa

The route of our road trip started in Tunisia, we entered Libya, before the war and headed on to Egypt. We traveled South through white and black desert until we reached Luxor, and continued our African road trip along the Nile to Aswan, where we shipped the car and our dog across Lake Nasser to Sudan. In Sudan we followed the amazing Nile river, crossed the desert to Atbara to head down to Khartoum and finally crossed the border to Ethiopia. Lake Tana and the North of Ethiopia attracted us much and we continued our road trip to Lalibela, to Bahir Dar and to Addis Ababa, where we stopped for a couple of days to get our visa sorted out.

Our African road trip lead us to Lake Langano, Arba Minch and to the Omo valley where we touched into stone age, visiting the lip plate people, Hamer people and other African native tribes. Finally we entered Kenya, crossed the Equator, got to Nairobi, from where we explored the coast around Mombasa. We had to wait until rainy season was over, no way in proceeding on our road trip on muddy roads, and eventually passed Shimba Hills to get to Tsavo National Park, saw Kilimanjaro close to Amboseli National Park and finally Masai Mara National Park into the Manyattas of the Masai People. From there to the rift valley lakes, Lake Naivasha, Nakuru, Baringo and via Eldoret and Kitale we entered Uganda. Our road trip in Uganda started at Sipi Falls, to Bujagali Falls, Kampala and to the Murchinson Falls, from where we headed South along Lake Albert to Semliki Mational Park in the Congo Basin and on to the Crater Lakes. Ruvenzori was impressing, Queen Elizabeth National Park as well, but we had to return to Kenya, as our dog got serious sick. After recovery along Lake Victoria we visited Tanzania, Serengeti and had to make a big detour via Shirinyaga to get to Ngorongoro crater on our African road trip. Arusha to Usambara mountains, straight to the coast up to Tanga and again South to Dar es Salaam, where the end of our road trip seemed to be reality. But we recovered, headed on to Selous National Park and to Ruaha National Park and soon we entered Malawi, driving down along Lake Malawi. Cape Mclear amazing, Liwonde National Park, Lengwe National Park were our highlights in Malawi. From Lilongwe straight to Zambia, where we stayed at South Luangwa National Park, finally reaching Lusaka and Lower Zambesi National Park. We passed Lake Kariba on our road trip and Victoria Falls and soon we entered Namibia at Kalima Mulila. From there to the region of the Himba people to Twyvelfontein to Soususvlei and through Namib Naukluft to Swakopmund and Luderitz. From there to Keetmanshop to Fish River Canyon our road trip came close to the South African border. They refused our entry and after several months in Namibia we managed to get in via Springbok, Citrusdal to Cape Town, where we finished our road trip. Not really, we decided to go on. Read about this road trip at

Some images from our African road trip

Our road trip started with problems - Tunisia

Our road trip started with problems – Tunisia

Libya - Sabratha

Libya – Sabratha

Travel to Egypt: Bent Pyramid in Dashur

Travel to Egypt: Bent Pyramid in Dashur

Lake Nasser ferry: Loading the trucksLake Nasser ferry: Loading the trucksLake Nasser ferry: Loading the trucksLake Nasser ferry: Loading the trucks

Lake Nasser ferry: Loading the trucks

Time in Sudan: Bush camp in Wadi Halfa

Time in Sudan: Bush camp in Wadi Halfa

African native tribes: Mursi warrior

African native tribes: Mursi warrior

Road Trip in Tsavo - Kenya

Road Trip in Tsavo – Kenya

Murchinson falls -Uganda

Murchinson falls -Uganda

Thuma Forest - Remote area in Tanzania

Thuma Forest – Remote area in Tanzania

Cape McLear - Malawi

Cape McLear – Malawi

Victoria Falls in Zambia

Victoria Falls in Zambia

Road Trip in Namibia

Road Trip in Namibia

Cape Town - South Africa

Cape Town – South Africa

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